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Why teas by Teaposy?

squence of tea making from Concert Series teas sachets
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  • All-natural Ingredients
    Each tea truly embodies the unique sensory experience of a musical performance, with all-natural ingredients and only the largest, most vibrant whole flowers. They come together in perfect harmony, creating unique flavors and stunning visual displays.
  • Caffeine Content
    Our Teaposy blooming teas are not decaffeinated. However white tea contains the lowest level of caffeine among all caffeinated tea or coffee drinks. A cup of white tea contains an average of 8-15 milligrams of caffeine while a cup of coffee contains 60-120 milligrams.
  • Health Benefits
    Carefully balanced to please the palate and benefit the body, these teas also feature their own exceptional health benefits, ranging from helping your complexion to lowering cholesterol levels.

    These beautiful purple flowers are native to the Mediterranean, but can be found in gardens around the world. Lavender is a trusted remedy to help relieve headaches and migraines, and is said to hold anti-depressant qualities.

    hibiscus: A tropical blossom with delicate petals, hibiscus is a popular ingredient in many teas. When infused with hot water, these flowers are said to aid in the treatment of hypertension and lower cholesterol levels.

    rose: Not only known for their beauty, roses are used in many teas and gourmet dishes to add a light floral flavor. When enjoyed in tea, roses are said to help strengthen the immune system.

    sweet leaves: Originally grown in Central and South America, sweet leaves have been used to naturally add sweetness to foods and beverages for centuries. These leaves give Sonata a slightly sweet taste without the calories associated with cane sugar.

    forget-me-not: These small blue flowers can be found in most temperate regions in Asia, North America, and Europe. They add a beautiful aroma to tea, and also are said to aid respiratory function.

    lily: These gorgeous orange blossoms are found in temperate regions in both the eastern and western hemispheres. Lilies are said to aid in the treatment of IBS, and also reduce stress.

    Chinese globeflower: The health benefits of these flowers are said to be very similar to chrysanthemum when steeped in hot water, helping to reduce blood pressure and cool the body. It is also said to help respiratory function, and help to treat coughs and asthma.

  • Packaging
    Not only is the Concert Series Sonata beautiful when brewed, it also comes beautifully packaged. Each sachet is individually vacuum-sealed for freshness, giving it a long shelf life, and it is also adorned with the Teaposy logo. All varieties of the Concert Series are also presented in sophisticated and eye-catching boxes.

  • Safety Standards
    Each and every Teaposy product must meet world-class safety standards before leaving China. The tea is checked at the Tea Quality Supervision and Inspection Center and Entry-Exit Inspection personnel perform a Quality Safety Analysis. While the FDA does not have standards for imported tea, these inspections ensure that Teaposy meets the strict standards of Europe and Japan.